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Tinkers News

Our Nativity

and our Christmas party

Thank you again to everyone for your support and kindness. Stay safe and be kind.

In line with the latest Child Protection and Safeguarding guidelines  published in September 2020, we have updated our policy and this can be found on our Policies page (Helpful information). All our policies are updated annually (or sooner if legislation dictates). 

Head over to our Home learning page for ideas of fun things to do. If you have any ideas you would like to share, email us and we can add them too. 

About us

Little Tinkers Nursery School offers full daycare in a safe, friendly, stimulating environment.
Exciting and varied activities are planned enabling the children to learn and develop by experiencing things that interest and excite them. They are encouraged to lead their learning so can develop at their own rate with the support of friendly and qualified staff.

Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm


Little Tinkers Nursery is split into 3 groups.

Tiny Tinkers is the baby room.

Little Tinkers is for the toddlers.

Children start Big Tinkers in the September before their 4th birthday as they start preparing for school.

Meet our staff

Each child is allocated a key-person who will get to know them and promote their confidence and independence.

Staff treat each child as an individual, promoting inclusion, and their potential is recognised preparing them for the next step.

Contact us

Click the icon above to download our registration form.

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