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50 Things to do before you're 5...

50 Things is based on the simple notion that access to life-changing, fun, low-cost or no-cost experiences with your family is a great way to support and develop young children’s oracy skills and confidence, so that they enter primary school much more ready to learn.

The 50 Things project is about getting parents involved in a range of activities with their children, along with appropriate guidance that will make an impact. These have been carefully developed by education experts and early years practitioners, and we’ve made sure that we consider children with special education needs and that they reflect our culturally diverse community. Perhaps, more importantly, we understand that this kind of thing needs to be presented and packaged exceptionally well to gain attention in this digital age.

The project has attracted national attention and was launched in the Houses of Parliament in early June 2018. 

Get involved through our 50 Things Facebook page and the East Sussex Parents Instagram site.

Download the App and get started! 

How to get started


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