Out and about in the sunshine today. Looking after the animals and the seeds- it's a full time job!

If you go down to the woods today...

At Little Tinkers we have been welcoming the dry weather and the promise of spring in lots of different ways.


  • Some of us were chasing bubbles.

  • The Little Tinkers have been really enjoying yoga- good for all ages! 

  • We were all excited to play tennis outside with Greg. 

Big Tinkers have absolutely loved investigating the fossils that were kindly donated. They used toothbrushes to gently clean them and then looked more closely with magnifying glasses. 

They found ammonites, bits of bone and even some sharks' teeth!

The Tinkers staff had a great evening last Wednesday when we got together and made Christmas wreaths. 

Carol was an super teacher and we think we did a pretty good job! 


We took some of our Big Tinkers out for a wonderful day, with our friends from Young at Heart, at the Furnace Brook Fishery. Click on the link below to see some photos.



You can also have a look at the fishery if you click this link.

Young at Heart, Heathfield

Some of our children have been having lots of fun visiting the local Young at Heart Community Club, Heathfield. The members share a range of activities with our Little Tinkers while chatting and having lots of laughs! Among other activities, the children have made Christmas decorations, played 'old fashioned' games, and learnt the Hokey Cokey! It's a wonderful experience for both generations and our Tinkers really look forward to visiting. 

Click here for a link to their Facebook page: 

Heavy downpours didn't dampen our spirits at the Shed People and Age UK barbecue! 

And it was a little bit cooler afterwards!

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We've had a fantastic week enjoying the lovely sunshine!

Tinkers have been weeding, planting, watering, eating outside and waiting...waiting...waiting to see the ducklings at the park!

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This week, the children made flags to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day landings.

On the 5th June, we went outside to wait for the planes to fly over...and we waited...and we waited... But they were delayed... By 5 o'clock, there were a few Tinkers still waiting! 

Sadly, the planes didn't fly over but the children loved waving at any planes or helicopters that passed overhead!

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